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Tempotac tacky flux

Tempotac (385-TEM) is a well-established tacky flux. The flux has the basic ingredients of a solder paste flux including some activators. With the introduction of lead-free solders which, include higher process temperatures, a new product has been introduced;  This is the 120-TEM. This product  can withstand higher temperatures and can be supplied in a blue color version for inspection purposes when required.

Tempotac is used in all kinds of rework applications:

* Reballing: where availability of BGA's with lead free spheres is limited, replace lead free spheres by SnPb spheres before mounting (e.g. military, aerospace, medical etc.)

* Repair applications: remove and replace BGA's

* Placement of BGA's - insted of using solder paste, Tempotac can be used

* Remove bridges in rework of QFP's

Tempotac is safe, it passes all SIR tests. However if customers don’t like the minimal residues, these can be removed using a typical flux-remover.

  385-TEM 120-TEM 120-TEM-BC
Max. reflow temperature [ºC] 260 280 280
Acid number [mg KOH] ± 2.5% 66 120 120
Color of the residue Colorless Colorless Blue
Post-solder cleaning Acceptable Good Good
Recommended process SnPb