Balver Zinn solder SN96C

BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN96C (SnAg3.8Cu0.7) is a well known lead free eutectic solder used extensively in Europe. BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN96C can be used for wave soldering, selective soldering and dip soldering applications. BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN96Ce (SnAg3.8) is a refill alloy with a low copper content, to maintain the copper content of the solder bath within process limits. When using silver containing solders, the high copper dissolution may cause problems, particularly at higher process temperatures and small line dimensions. For such applications BALVER ZINN recommends use of the highly reliable BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN100C to achieve a clear reduction in copper dissolution. BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN96C meets the requirements of J-STD 006B. For additional information please refer to the product data sheet.

Composition of the alloy

Element SN96C
in weight-%
in weight-%
Sn Rest Rest
Ag 3,8 ± 0,2 3,8 ± 0,2
Cu 0,7 ± 0,1 max. 0,4
Ni max. 0,01 max. 0,01
Al max. 0,001 max. 0,001
As max. 0,03 max. 0,03
Bi max. 0,03 max. 0,03
Cd max. 0,002 max. 0,002
Fe max. 0,02 max. 0,02
Pb max. 0,05 max. 0,05
Sb max. 0,05 max. 0,05
Zn max. 0,001 max. 0,001
Au max. 0,05 max. 0,05
In max. 0,05 max. 0,05