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Sacrificial anodes

The Balver Zinn Brand ANOKRAFT stands for sacrificial anodes for the cathodic corrosion protection of ships, boats, docks, pipelines and other corrosion sensitive buildings and vehicles.
Balver Zinn has more than 30 years experience in processing zinc, aluminium, tin and other non-ferrous materials for different requirements in various industries. With different in-house developed production processes such as mold casting, continuous casting and special applications Balver Zinn is able to produce high quality and purity sacrificial anodes with outstanding and excellent performance.

ANOKRAFT zinc anodes
Main Operation area: seawater
Definition: Water with salt content above 1%

ANOKRAFT aluminium anodes
Main Operation area: brackish water
Definition: Water with salt content from 0.1 - 1%

Examples for standard delivery forms: