Balver Zinn Solder Paste 325 GM5
Dispense solder paste is available in S62, and SAC405 alloy composition. The powder particle size is smaller and the flux content is higher than a standard type 3 printing solder paste to achieve the desired viscosity for dispensing applications. Because the paste is no-clean, residues can safely remain on the PCB.
DIN EN 29454-1: 1994 N/A
IPC J-STD-004-A: 2004 REL1
IPC J-STD-005: 1995 T4
Particle Size [µm] 20-38
Test reports
IPC/ANSI-J-STD-005 Compliant
Packaging and Storage
Cartridge [5cc] [g] 10
Cartridge [10cc] [g] 25
Cartridge [30cc] [g] 75 / 100
Cartridge [6oz] [g] 500 / 650
Cartridge [12oz] [g] 1000 / 1300
Minimum shelf-live in months
Storage temperature 4-10°C 4

Chemical product, please refer to material safety data sheet before use.


AlloyCompositionLiquidus[°C]Product data sheetMaterial safety data sheetApplication note
SAC4 T4 Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5 217 Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
SN62 T4 Sn62Pb36Ag2 179 Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF