General Purpose Cleaner GPC-R-114

The GPC-R-114 cleaning solution is a non-flammable solvent based cleaning liquid that is designed for manual cleaning applications such as PBA and maintenance cleaning. GPC-R-114 dissolves post soldering flux residues and will evaporate quickly without leaving residues on the substrates. The GPC-R-114 is compatible with most materials used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes. GPC-R-114 is a non-corrosive cleaning material.

Physical and chemical properties

Color Colorless
Odor Alcohol
Flashpoint COC [drg c] None to boiling
Boiling point 1000 mBar [dgr C] 47
pH as delivered N.A.
Min concentration in water {% w/w} N.A.
Max concentration in water {% w/w} N.A.
Thinner N.A.
Recommended process temperature Ambient
Packaging Aerosol 237 ML
Packaging Can 5 or 25 liter
Packaging Drum 200 liter
Storage temperature 20°C 260
Storage temperature 25C 260

Fields of Applicaton

5 Especially made for this purpose
4 Generally qualified for this purpose
3 Generally usable, but not the best choice
2 Generally not usable for this purpose
1 Wrong choice
Stencils 3
Misprints 3
Equipment 5
Adhesives 2
Post solder flux residues 5
Post solder paste residues 5
Alkaline 4
Acidic 1
Cold cleaning 5
Hot liquid cleaning (HLC) 3
Vapor phase cleaning (VPC) 2
Ultrasonic (US) 2
Spray under immersion (SUI) 2
Spray in air (SIA) 2
Under stencil cleaning 2
Manual cleaning 5
Non flash process 5
Non toxic process 4
ECO friendly process 4
Distilable process 1
Bio degradable process 3
Fast drying 5
Reduces Staining 4
Cosmetic cleanliness 5
ICCT compatible 5
Conformal coating 5
Low ionic contamination TBD

Check material compatibility with every process change!
Industrial chemical product, read SDS before use!