Cobar Wave Soldering Flux 396-DRM
VOC-free flux showing extremely powerful soldering performance. This flux is mainly developed for utilization in consumer and industrial applications where the safety of the residue demands are less important than in high-tech applications. This flux can be used without nitrogen and offers all the advantages of a full water-based flux.
DIN EN ISO 9454-1: 2016 2131
IPC J-STD-004-A: 2004 ORM0
Density 20°C[kg/dm³] 1.012
Acid number IPC-TM-650 2.3.13 [mgKOH/g] 36.9
Solid content IPC-TM-650 2.3.34 [%w/w] 4.5
Water content [%w/w] 95.2
VOC content [%w/w] Remainder
Color Colorless
Odor None
Thinner Di-water
Test reports
Packaging and Storage
Packaging can [Liter] 10
Packaging Drum [Liter] 200
Minimum shelf-life in months
Storage temperature 20-25°C 12

Chemical product, please refer to material safety data sheet before use.


Product data sheetMaterial safety data sheetApplication note
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