Zinc and zinc alloys

Cast and rolled plates

In the field of galvanic corrosion protection, fine zinc anodes with at least 99.99% purity have been used for over 20 years. Due to the increasing importance of environmentally friendly processes and ancillary procedures (waste water technologies, etc.), the requirements for the purity of the metals used have now increased significantly. Balver Zinn therefore uses exclusively fine zinc Zn 99.995%. In order to optimize process parameters, zinc alloyed with aluminum can be used to stabilize the anodes. Plates made of fine zinc and zinc alloys are supplied in various dimensions in cast or rolled form. Special dimensions and alloys on request.

Standard alloys

Zinc 99.995
ZnAl 0.2 - 2.0



L [mm]

W [mm]

H [mm]


100 - 1500

100 - 250

10 - 25


100 - 1500

100 - 300

5 - 25


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