Balver Braid

Desoldering braid

Balver Braid are desoldering braids used as an aid for desoldering components and removing solder from the substrate pads.

Balver Braid are ribbons of braided copper wires that have been soaked into flux to improve capillary action. For desoldering, they are pressed onto the solder joint and then heated together with the solder of the solder joint. The molten alloy is absorbed by the capillary action of the braided strands and will as such be removed from the solder joint. Without the solder, the component can easily be removed from the assembly.


IPC-J-STD-004-A: 2004 REL0
EN 61190-1-1 REL0


Very high capillary effect
Newest manufacturing process
ESD safe
Humidity protected (vacuum-packed)


1,4 mm breit
1,9 mm breit
2,5 mm breit


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