IPC-A-610 Seminars

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CIS Seminar

The IPC-A-610 Certified Trainer (CIT) is authorized to train Certified IPC-A-610 Application Specialists (CIS). This allows a company to perform internal certification and recertification with high flexibility and cost efficiency. For companies who need several CIS’s we recommend an internal trainer and certification system. During the seminar the participants learn how to use IPC-A-610 as well as criteria for the optical inspection of electronic assemblies.

Electronics assemblies are divided by the IPC-A-610 into three classes in the following categories:

Target condition:

A condition that is close to perfect. It is a desirable condition that is not always achievable and may not even be necessary to ensure the reliability of the assembly.

Acceptable condition:

This category indicates a condition that is not perfect but which will maintain the integrity and reliability of the assembly.

Defect condition:

This condition is not sufficient to ensure acceptability of form or function of the assembly. It may require rework, repair, scrap or “use as is”. “Use as is” may require customer agreement.

Process indicator condition:

A process indicator is a condition and not a defect. The characteristic of the assembly does not affect the form or function of the assembly

Balver Zinn offers customer specific packages according to your requirements:

Hand soldering courses
IPC-A-610 CIS training
IPC-A-610 CIT training
Combination of practice and theory

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