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X-Ray Supports Solder Paste Development

July 21 2021

“Solder paste has a very complex chemistry,” Mathijssen explains. Since each paste consists of various alloys, in different particle sizes, combined with different types of flux, each combination reacts differently to the reflow process. Selecting the right combination for each application is a collaborative endeavor that involves the end user’s specifications, the assembler’s procedures and the solder paste supplier’s expertise.

“It takes trust,” Mathijssen says of the relationships that Cobar has developed with its worldwide network of customers. “The technical team will review the application in detail with the customer. Based on the collected data, the best possible recommendation will be made. If there are still unknown factors, a certified technical specialist will give support during production start-up.” Cobar has been producing solder paste since the 1980s. As production requirements – such as the need for lead-free alloys – have changed, the company has developed a full range of paste variations to meet evolving needs.

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