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VOC-fluxes price increases...

March 24 2020

In VOC free flux technologies for wave and selective soldering processes the main carrier system used is DI-water (De-Ionized water). Commercially this gives two major benefits. Firstly, water is a lower cost compared with alcohols like Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and Ethanol, this in turn will lead to lower manufacturing costs and as a result lead to lower prices.

Secondly the price of DI-water is very stable and has almost no effect on the final manufacturing cost, whilst alcohols can have large variations in situations as we are currently facing. With a solvent content of 98% to 94% the solvent has a major contribution to the final price. In 2019 the prices of Isopropyl alcohol only had small variations and just recently (March 2020) the IPA contract price suddenly went up by 370% in a few days because of the Corona virus, as IPA is a major requirement in hospitals and the major ingredient for anti-bacterial hand washes.

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