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Cobar Proud Sponsor of the Successful First Electronics & Applications Benelux Soldering Competition

June 06 2019

The Balver Zinn Group is looking back to a successful Electronics & Applications Show in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During this show the Dutch Federation of Technology Branches (FHI) organized together with sponsors the first Benelux Soldering Competition.

During the three-days competition, professionals of the industry competed to build a functional electronic assembly within a 50-minute time limit. Hand soldering of high density printed boards demands high quality products to ensure a zero-defect soldering process.  Cobar supplied during the Benelux Soldering Competition the following products:

  • Brilliant SN100C®-B2012 no-clean halide free solder wire with a flux content of 2,2% 
  • Tacky flux 120-TEM for lead-free rework processes
  • Cobrush easy to use flux applicator with 323-ITM flux
  • GPC-R-114 general purpose cleaner that is designed for manual cleaning applications
  • Balver desoldering braid

We are looking forward to the next Electronics & Applications edition in 2021!

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