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Cobar Solder Products announces relocation of office

January 19 2016

Stan Renals Vice President of Cobar Solder Products the U.S. subsidiary of the Balver Zinn Group announces the relocation of office to South Carolina to support the continued growth of the business.

Twelve years ago Cobar Solder Products began an ambitious start in the Americas electronic manufacturing market. Currently Bill Yager, Director of Business and Development and Bob Silveri, Technical Manager working as a Team with Distributors, Reps and valued customers. During this time business has continued to increase and gain market share.

The relocation of the Cobar Solder Products office to South Carolina is another strategic step in addition to the business partnerships. Together with Powell Industries USA and LLE Soluciones in Mexico who are the Cobar Solder Products exclusive distributors representing the entire portfolio of branded solder products including the highly respected range of Balver Zinn SN100C® products.

To ensure a committed supply of Balver Zinn and Cobar products to our valued customers we are now producing SN100C® wire and bars in the United States and solder paste and fluxes in Mexico to reduce customer lead-times and costs.

The new office facility will serve as a sales and service office for Balver Zinn and Cobar products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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