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KIC Thermal Profiling Systems

The Balver Zinn Group is Value Added Reseller (VAR) of KIC thermal profiling systems. KIC has a very wide range of thermal profiling products that will help you to set up, optimize and control the thermal processes like wave soldering, selective soldering and reflow soldering.

The profiler product range sis designed for individual needs and budgets, but what they all have in common is ease of use applications and profilers which starts with the cost effective KICstart2. This system is a modern profiler that is designed for those companies looking to quickly capture an accurate profile, without all the additional capabilities to optimize the process. The exceptionally low price makes the KICstart2 affordable for almost any budget.

A challenge with most profilers on the market is not the lack of data being collected, but rather the ability to make sense of a large quantity of data. The kicstart2 utilizes KIC’s powerful PWI (Process Window Index) concept to measure the quality of the profile with a single number.

This systems has the extensive profiling abilities combined with manual prediction function. Optimization tools are not available on this system.

The next step is the KIC Explorer it's a generation of thermal profilers that features an impressively compact design. It will easily move through the restrictive process dimensions encountered in today’s thermal applications.

The KIC Explorer incorporates state-of-the-art SMT technology and high-temperature rated components, backed by our distinguished reputation for reliability. You can depend on this rugged, innovative hardware to endure the harsh conditions of real-world factory use. The KIC Explorer can start as a base profiling system and is afterwards expandable with various software options.

The KIC X5 Profiler is a total package solution. This intelligent thermal profiler with improved hardware is designed to withstand the roughest and toughest daily handling! It has the abilities of the KIC Explorer system but the software options are already included.

The last level is KIC RPI an 24/7 continuous reflow process management tool. In this case sensors are introduced in the equipment and the software continuously measures and controls the process status. These systems will automatically adjust the machine settings according the measured values.



KIC Explorer

KIC X5 Profiler