Cleaning solvent MCI-2330

MCI-2330 is a ready-to-use solvent that does NOT have to be dissolved in DI water before use. The base of this cleaning solvent is semi-aqueous. Because of evaporation rates, MCI-2330 is NOT recommended for SIA applications but provides optimum performance in US and SUI applications. The remaining solvent must be rinsed with DI water before drying.

Physical and chemical properties

Color Straw
Odor Low Alcohol
Flashpoint COC [drg c] 82
Boiling point 1000 mBar [dgr C] 150
pH as delivered 9.4
Min concentration in water {% w/w} ND
Max concentration in water {% w/w} ND
Thinner DI-water
Recommended process temperature 60
Packaging Cottle 1 Liter
Packaging Can 10 Liter
Packaging Drum 200 Liter
Storage temperature 20°C 260
Storage temperature 25C 260

Fields of Applicaton

5 Especially made for this purpose
4 Generally qualified for this purpose
3 Generally usable, but not the best choice
2 Generally not usable for this purpose
1 Wrong choice
Stencils 5
Misprints 4
Equipment 4
Adhesives 3
Post solder flux residues 4
Post solder paste residues 4
Alkaline 4
Acidic 1
Cold cleaning 3
Hot liquid cleaning (HLC) 4
Vapor phase cleaning (VPC) 2
Ultrasonic (US) 4
Spray under immersion (SUI) 4
Spray in air (SIA) 3
Under stencil cleaning 3
Manual cleaning 5
Non flash process 3
Non toxic process 4
ECO friendly process 4
Distilable process 2
Bio degradable process 4
Fast drying 3
Reduces Staining 4
Cosmetic cleanliness 5
ICCT compatible 5
Conformal coating 5
Low ionic contamination 5

Check material compatibility with every process change!
Industrial chemical product, read MSDS before use!