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Balver Zinn Solder Paste Cobar SP
The SP series of solder paste contains low melting temperature alloys. This series also is called Intrusol because of its benefits in intrusive soldering applications. The used alloys have melting temperatures starting from 138°C. To create a high-reliability solder joint, small additions of silver are inserted. There are three standard available alloys available: Bi58 (Bi58Sn42), BSA04 (Bi57.6Sn42Ag0.4) and BSA1 (Bi57Sn42Ag1).
DIN EN ISO 9454-1: 2016 1232
IPC J-STD-004-A: 2004 REL0
IPC J-STD-005: 1995 T3
Particle Size [µm] 25-45
Test reports
IPC/ANSI-J-STD-005 Compliant
Packaging and Storage
Packaging jar [g] 500
Packaging cartridge [g] 650
Packaging cartridge [g] 1300
Packaging Cassette Pro-Flow [g] 800
Minimum shelf-live in months
Storage temperature 4-10°C 5

Chemical product, please refer to material safety data sheet before use.


AlloyCompositionLiquidus[°C]Product data sheetMaterial safety data sheetApplication note
BSA04 Bi57.6Sn42Ag0.4 138-142 Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF