Cobar Solder Paste S62 XF3+

F3+ solder paste series provides a full range of Pb-free and Pb containing solder alloys to be used with this flux technology. F3+ is a halide-free, no-clean solder paste with a long stencil life and high tack force. Standard available alloys are S62, SN100C, SAC305 and SCANGe. The SCANGe alloys have a melting range of 8°-11°C, which provides extremely good anti-tombstoning behavior. The low levels of Ag (compared to the SAC305 alloy) combined with the micro additions of Ni and Ge result in fine grain structures and stabilizes Inter Metallic Compounds (IMC).

The same flux technology is used for both Pb-free and SnPb alloys, which makes qualifications easier.

IPC J-STD-004 classification REL0

See the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before handling and/or using this product.

Physical and chemical properties

Flux code F3+
Particle size code X
Alloy code SAC3 S62
Alloy type Sn62Pb36Ag2
Liquidus [°C] - SAC3 179
Liquidus [°C] - SCAN-Ge 179
Recommended peak temp. [°C] 205-225
Particle size [m] 25-45
Oxide content powder [ppm] 100.
Acid number [mgKOH] (+/-2.5%) 124.30
Halides [Potentiometric] Pass
Halides [Silver-Chromate Test] Pass
Flux [% w/w] 10.61
Metal [% w/w] 89.39
Filmformer(s) Resin
Color of the residue Colorless
Viscosity @25 °C [Pa's] Plate/Plate (+/-18%) 190
Viscosity @ 25°C [Pa's] Malcom PCU205 (+/-18%) 180
Max. print speed [mm/sec] 100
Rec.separation speed [mm/sec] 10.
Tackiness time 20°C/ 70%RH [H] 24.
Tackiness force Malcom TK1 [gr] 110.
Telcordia/Bellcore TR-NWT-000078/3 Compliant
IPC/ANSI-J-STD-0D5 Compliant
Test report(s) Available
Certificate of Compliance Available
Environmental Load Unit 1.00 5.00
RoHS-Compliance Certificate Not available
User's Guidelines English
Jar (PP) [gram] 500
Small cartridge (HDPE) [gram] 650
Large cartridge (HDPE) [gram] 1300
Cassette (HDPE) [gram] 850
Shelf-life (Weeks)  
Storage 4-10 [°C] 25
Storage 25 [°C] 6

Fields of application

5 Especially made for this purpose
4 Generally qualified for this purpose
3 Generally usable, but not the best choice
2 Generally not usable for this purpose
1 Wrong choice
Application S62
ISO 9454-1 1.2.3.C
JIS Z3284 1.2.3.N_1
IPC-ANSI-J-STD-004 (Flux) REL0
IPC-ANSI-J-STD-005 (Powder) 3.
No-Clean Process 5
Post-solder cleaning 3
Pb-Free process - Air, Standard 1
Pb-Free process - Air, Extended 1
Pb-Free process - N² 1
Vapor Phase 4
Consumer electronics 5
Med-Rel electronics 5
Hi-Rel electronics 4
1-layer, video/tv boards -
2-layer boards -
Multi-layer boards -
OSP compatible 5
Ni/Au compatible 5
Ni/Pd compatible 4
Ag compatible 5
Sn compatible 5
Squeegee 5
Closed Printhead (Proflow etc) 3
Dispensing [> awg 22] 3
Short cycle time 5
Long stencil-life 5
Long open time 5
Sharp print definition 5
Reduces dog ears 4
Reduces smearing 5
Reduces stencil wiping 4
Reduces solder balling 4
Reduces solder beading 4
Reduces bridging 5
Reduces tombstoning 4
Reduces de-wetting 5
Reduces slumping 5
Reduces voiding 5
Brilliant joint appearance 5
Cosmetic cleanliness 4
Reduces flux build-up in reflow oven 4
ICCT compatible 5
Conformal coating 4

Chemical product, please refer to material safety data sheet before use.